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FINANCIAL REPORTING: Accessing timely, relevant data allows you to accurately track your companies travel spent and identify new saving opportunities. Monitoring of travelers spending, lost savings or travel pattern, to make sure your company receives full value for their travel spend. Travel & Destinations acts as your partner in managing your corporate travel, helping you control costs and information.

24HRS TRAVEL ASSISTS: Travel & destinations Staff is accessible 24 Hrs a day , 7 days a week , 365 days a year for all travel related services .you can call us anytime of the day and you can make New bookings ,modify or cancel your booking even after office hours.

PASSENGER TRAVEL RECORDS (CRM): Travel & Destinations maintains a secure, computerized profile system, providing a vast array of information to suit corporate and individual needs, including seat preferences, meal preferences mileage numbers and hotel/car preferences


Travel & Destinations offers dedicated on-site travel desks which cater exclusively to corporate travel requirements and performs all the functions of a regular retail travel agency. The Onsite Implant operates in conformance with all rules laid down by your company.

Complete travel agency in your office

  • Tickets issued on site
  • Instant flight, hotel, car, visa, health and weather information
  • Instant flight, hotel and car reservations
  • 24 hour emergency service
  • Organized logistical support for deliveries
  • Instant access to offers and deals from Travel & Destinations And much more.


    Travel & Destinations Newsroom monitors all major developments in the travel market from new fare updates to new fare updates and promotional offer and relevant news id edited and sent across to our customers via mail for their ready reference.

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    Travel & Destinations is a IATA accredited agency and recognized by several tourism boards.

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