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Spicejet future bookings for more than 01 month is not permitted as per DGCA verdict

Posted on : Monday, 08 December 2014

SPICEJET MEDIA STATEMENT #2 (December 6, 2014)

There have been a number of news articles and TV reports this evening relating to certain directions from the DGCA received by SpiceJet. SpiceJet would like to place on record the following:

  • Slots cancellation for cancelled flights: SpiceJet today informed the DGCA and the public that for the near-medium term, it intends to operate a fleet of 22 Boeing 737s and 15 Q400s, down from 37 B737s that we operated earlier this year (Q400 fleet remains unchanged). As a natural consequence of the fleet reduction of 15 Boeings, unused slots are given back to the airports. This is routine process and a natural outcome of our revised fleet plan, and there is nothing unusual about the slots being cancelled.
  • Future booking on cancelled flights to be stopped immediately: This has already been stopped as part of standard process
  • Future bookings to be not more than one month in advance: SpiceJet believes this restriction will be counter-productive, and will be discussing the pros and cons of this cooperatively with the DGCA.
  • Refunds to be provided without deductions in a timely manner: As standard practice, SpiceJet provides refunds of all bookings for cancelled flights made directly with the airline (credit card or cash) within an average of 10 days, with no deduction of any kind – 100% refund is provided. Bookings made via travel agents are refunded directly by the agents, usually also in around 10 days. Service charges and deductions, if any, by travel agents is not in SpiceJet’s control.
  • Salary of all employees to be disbursed by 15th December, 2014, and for future months, by the 7th of each month: In its entire history, SpiceJet has never delayed salaries – it has always paid salaries by the last day of the previous month – ie November salary is paid by Nov 30. November 2014 was the first time salaries were delayed due to unavoidable reasons, and as of today December 5, we have already paid 85% of our staff their November salaries. The remaining 15%, which consists of our highest pay brackets, will be cleared next week.

Also making the news rounds today:

  • A claim that SpiceJet had been put on cash-and-carry by the AAI today. SpiceJet once again categorically denies this, it is not on cash and carry with any airport. We have filed this denial with the BSE as well.
  • A claim that the Q400 aircraft are being “taken back”. These aircraft are owned by SpiceJet and are not leased, and such claims can only be dismissed as malicious rumours, completely baseless and false.

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